Slot Overview of the X UP Football Championship

At the time of writing, a slew of football-themed slot machines had appeared to cash in on the impending World Cup. Alchemy Gaming, a partner studio of Games Global, has created a slot machine called Football Finals X UP. Football Finals X UP may be a reskin of a previous release by Alchemy Gaming, as the developer has produced a number of games using the X UP engine. The mechanism has proven successful for Alchemy Gaming; why not test it out in a sports game?

If you want to build a football game, you have to stick to certain aesthetic conventions. As is customary, Alchemy Gaming has set the action within a vast stadium full with enthusiastic fans eager to watch their teams play. In the nighttime basic game, players are placed directly on the ground and accompanied by a grinding metal track, while in the daytime free spins, the sun comes out and a new track is introduced. It looks great and there’s never any doubt that you’re actually playing a football game.

The math models and winning probabilities of previous X UP games we’ve faced have been pretty complex. These features have been dialed back slightly for Football Finals X UP, making it more akin to Joker X UP and Bolt X UP, of which it is likely a ripoff. As a result, players may choose from four different RTP settings, ranging from 96.22% to 86.93% (with the latter being reserved for Germany and other overregulated areas). Football Finals X UP can be played in up to two different ways. One option is to set a wager anywhere from 10 pence to £/€20 and then hit the play button. You may also purchase free spins at a rate of 60x the wager.

Like the other X UP games, Football Finals X UP is played on a 5×3 game grid with 243 possible outcomes. Here, you’ll win if three or more identical symbols appear left to right across three or more adjacent reels. Green grassy 10-A card ranks are offered for lows, paying out 1-1.5x the wager for five of a kind, while a ball, audience members, and three football action sequences are provided for high payments, paying out 2 to 4x the bet for five of a kind. Football Finals X UP’s wild symbol, shown as a trophy, appears on all five reels and is just as valuable. When a reel is hit by a wild, it will grow to occupy the entire reel and replace all other symbols (excluding scatters). The reward for a single winning method with five wilds is 4.5 times the wager.

Super Bowl XLIX Slot Functions

Scatter icons occur on reels three, four, and five in the base game. When precisely 2 scatters appear, an X UP Token is awarded and added to the meter located next to the reels. In free games, the multiplier may be increased by collecting X UP Tokens. There are ten possible multiplier values, ranging from 2x to 10x. When the standard game’s x10 multiplier is activated, free spins are awarded. Bet levels are where multipliers are kept.

Bonus Turns

Free games can also be triggered by seeing three scatter symbols anywhere in view. You get 8 free games and a payout equal to 2 times your wager. Landing two scatters during free spins activates two more free spins and any X UP Tokens gathered throughout the round may be used to raise the multiplier.

Enhancement Function

When free spins are triggered at a multiplier lower than x10, players have the option of upgrading for an additional cost. The price of multiplier upgrades can be lowered by collecting X UP Tokens.

Spend Money on a Bonus

If this feature is available in your region, you can pay 60x your stake to receive eight free spins with a multiplier of between x1 and x10. Upgrading the Upsizer function is not an option when purchasing charge spins in this manner.

Super Bowl X FINAL: The Slot Decision

Just as AvatarUX has remained true to its central principle, so too has Alchemy Gaming stuck with the X UP function. Whereas AvatarUX often modifies the PopWins game’s ancillary features, X UP games are largely mechanically identical. All of them have the same core mechanic of accumulating X UP Tokens to increase the multiplier before entering free spins, where it may be used in conjunction with the always-present expanding wilds. There have been variations in terms of topic and numbers, but in general the games share a similar experience.

Not trying to be negative here; just pointing out a fact. If football is your thing, Football Finals X UP is just as good as any of the other X UP games. It’s important to note that this release is relatively low-risk in comparison to others. That might be great for the masses, but if you’re looking for a slot machine with a somewhat rougher ride but otherwise identical gameplay, try your luck with Chronicles of Olympus X UP, where the maximum multiplier is x50 instead of x10. Football Finals X UP has a maximum payout of just 5,000x the stake, which is less than a fifth of its Greek equivalent.

Football Finals X UP, however, provides gamblers interested in the “beautiful game” with an opportunity to experiment with Alchemy Gaming’s concept, so having options is a good thing. Those who aren’t bothered by high levels of volatility will also like it. For those who aren’t football fans, though, Football Finals X UP doesn’t provide anything that hasn’t already been offered in other X UP positions. Alchemy Gaming must be doing something right with the mechanic, but it wouldn’t hurt if they mixed things up a bit by doing more than simply swapping around the theme and tinkering with the math model/stats for these X UP games.






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